Deadlines are always on the 12th of the month for the following month’s edition, even if this date falls on a weekend. 

The only change to this date is for the January edition, which always deadlines early on 8th December in order to accommodate the distribution company and printers’ Christmas breaks.

2017 Deadline / Distribution Schedule.

January 2017 edition
Deadline Thursday 8th December 2016
Distribution Monday 19th December

February 2017 edition
Deadline Thursday 12th January
Distribution Thursday 26th January

March 2017 edition
Deadline Sunday 12th February
Distribution Monday 27th February

April 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Sunday 12th March
Distribution Tuesday 28th March

May 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Wednesday 12th April
Distribution Thursday 27th April

June 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Friday 12th May
Distribution Thursday 25th May

July 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Monday 12th June
Distribution Tuesday 27th June

August 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Wednesday 12th July
Distribution Thursday 27th July

September 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Saturday 12th August
Distribution Tuesday 29th August

October 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Tuesday 12th September
Distribution Thursday 28th September

November 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Thursday 12th October
Distribution Thursday 26th October

December 2017 edition
Copy Deadline Sunday 12th November
Distribution Tuesday 28th November

January 2018 edition
Copy Deadline Friday 8th December
Distribution Tuesday 19th December

February 2018 edition
Copy Deadline Fri 12th January 2018
Distribution Monday 29th January 2018